Over the past year we have seen the value of time spent away from the desk. With more time than ever at home we saw people either getting back to gardening or trying out their green thumb for the very first time. We saw this as an opportunity to give everyone a chance to grow their own garden no matter where they live or what resources they have access to.

How To Assemble Planty


The planty box arrives as one simple, flat-packed box


Removing the lid you will see a pair of gloves, a pack of seeds, and a block of soil nestled within the wooden frames

Remove Inner Frames

After removing the gloves, seeds and soil block, remove the inner frames

Add Soil

Mix the block of soil with 5 gallons of water and watch it expand. Start adding soil to the lowest Planty frame once the soil has completely expanded

Fill and Stack Planty

Add the soil to each layer as you stack the frames. For example, after you have completely filled the bottom with loose soil, place the second layer and fill it with soil.  Continue until the final level is in place and filled with loose soil.

Add Seeds

Add the seeds.  Plant the herbs in the corners and the vegetables in the top where they will have more soil depth


Once full-grown harvest for a salad or other meals



What is in the Planty Box

1x Pair Gloves

1x Vegetable Seed Pack

3x Herb Seed Packs

1x Plant Food Pack

1x Dehydrated Soil Block

1x Planty Box



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