Planty Team

Ben Dudek

Englishman +
Product Designer

“I have always loved the combination of strong geometric forms and fluid organic shapes. In using Planty you start with a striking sculptural object but over time it transforms into a bustling garden of herbs and vegetables. I’m still not sure what is more beautiful.”

Matthew Rosenberg

Foodie +

“When I was younger I wondered what it would be like to grow a building we could eat. Whether it be for a home product or one of our larger custom developments, I love including vegetation early in the design process to see how it can influence the architecture and the way our guests and communities experience it.”

Jeff Langlois

Film Maker +
Plant Newbie

“I had little experience in growing my own food, but have really developed a passion for it over the course of seeing this design come to life. I now have a Planty on my balcony exploding with color and nature! I photograph it’s evolution everyday.”

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